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Old time vaudevillian, tap dancer and acrobat, Sid Lester helped make Variety great and now he wants one last shot. Reconciled with his resentful but aspirational daughter Valerie to create a new double act, Sid wants to be back where he belongs: top of the bill.


“A skewed and disturbing sideways glance at mid-20th-century British life, and its ever-cheerful showbiz culture”

– 4*, Joyce McMillan, THE SCOTSMAN, August 2013

An interrogation of the limits of language and the capacity to comprehend and articulate traumatic experience.  It is both duet and duel, as two languages; one signed and one spoken are pushed to the hilt and the trust between narrator and interpreter tested.


"...an extraordinarily eloquent piece ... you feel you are watching the mainstream emergence, at last, of a vital theatrical language."

- 5*, Bella Todd, THE STAGE, March 2015

Henrietta Moraes was the uncrowned Queen of the 1950's Soho set. Model and muse to Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud and latterly, Maggi Hambling.   Hers was an itinerant and rackety life, sustained by the tolerance of friends, oiled by alcohol and fuelled by an astonishing variety of drugs.  


"The show is all in the gaze ...It changes the nature of looking, and is like a reclamation of sorts."

- Lyn Gardner, GUARDIAN (online review), August 2012