I am a British Sign Language (BSL)/English Interpreter. I completed my two-year full time training in 1997 at The Centre for Deaf Studies, Bristol University. In 2004 I became a Member of the Register of Sign Language Interpreters (MRSLI) having gained my full professional status.

Sign Language Interpreting is the profession that allows those using British Sign Language (BSL) as their first or preferred language and those who do not have competence in BSL to communicate with each other. The need for an interpreter can occur in a variety of settings, to include: health appointments, education and training, public service, police and legal, leisure activities, the Arts and religious ceremonies.

I work in a variety of domains but have over the years specialised in Performance Interpreting, working at various events during the Brighton Festival 2011 including the 'This is Acappella!' evening for which I received an nomination from The Latest for Outstanding Contribution.

I collaborate with Nadia Nadarajah, a native sign language user and performer in creating the interpretation. 

Forthcoming interpreted shows are shown on the dates page

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