I wrote this in response to #MeToo

...that we put one foot in front of the other, that we keep breathingin and breathing out, that we offer and accept love, that we movethrough our days with kindness and generosity and compassion, put foodon the table, pay bills, change the bed linen, get our children toschool on time, nudge them into adulthood, tend our elders (who haveoften/sometimes been the unkind, the cruel, the ignorant, the look theother way, the unavailable, the violent) 
 That we (still) laugh anddance and watch and appreciate...create, talk, draw, sculpt, invent,  imagine, solve and resolve.   That we make enduring friendships, wemourn, we recover our injuries...we go beyond...we go beyond that whichwas expected, that which tried to diminish us...we rose, we rise; thankyou Maya Angelou for giving us the mantra, the poetry
 That still I rise ( that still we rise).