Vessel - Sue MacLaine.jpg

Vessel is the new work by Sue MacLaine Company, written and directed by Sue MacLaine with dramaturgical guidance and co-direction by Jonathan Burrows.

Vessel is about the politics of aloneness and the privilege and purpose of 'living a quiet life'.  It tangles with notions of withdrawal, containment, banishment and occupation, of the rulers, the ruled and the unruly.

Vessel begins with the medieval practice of Anchoritism; undertaken mostly by women, to live a life confined and defined by a locked cell housed within a church...a miniature world of morality, scrutiny and spiritual survival...present but not visible.

The work is for four performers and continues my interest in the marriage of 'accessibility' and form.  Vessel will premiere at the Attenborough Centre in March 2018.

The work has been co-commissioned by the Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts and Battersea Arts Centre with support from University of Manchester and The Place.  The research & development was funded by Arts Council England and a small bursary from The Pebble Trust.

Pictured: Karlina Grace Paseda, Amanda Hadingue, Julie Cleves, Janine Fletcher, Caroline Hunt, Jonathan Burrows, Brian Duffy.