Sue MacLaine Company

Shows available for international/national touring:

Sue MacLaine Company makes international, contemporary performances that are intimately global.

We employ a lean aesthetic that combines finely-crafted, poetic scripts, and choreographic practice within a striking visual aesthetic, to engage, entertain and activate audiences.

We are interested in working in countries that see live performance as a catalyst to open conversations about equality and inclusion, particularly for women/womxn and girls, deaf (particularly sign language users) & disabled people, also older people.

We are able to offer bespoke programmes that educate & facilitate artists, curators, directors, producers, and funders on the themes of creative access, dramaturgical intent, audience engagement, and artistic survival.

Sue MacLaine is currently a PhD student at the University of Essex in their Literature, Film and Theatre Studies department. Sue has been awarded a full scholarship for a three-year practice-as-research doctorate, investigating ideas of 'composure' in autobiographical performance.

Sue MacLaine and Jane McMorrow have been working together since 2015. Both are mature and thoughtful women with a wealth of individual and shared experience in performance art, creation, and consultation.

vessel - Sue MacLaine Company


Performed by four diverse female performers.

The work explores political engagement, self preservation and agency.

Creative captioning enhances these themes while making the work accessible to wide audiences.

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  • Duration: 60 minutes

  • Number of people on the road: 5/6

  • Freight details: Freight necessary/Please enquire for options

  • Technical: Pre-rig necessary/8-hour get-in

  • Contact: Sue MacLaine and/or Jane McMorrow

Can I Start Again Please - Sue MacLaine Company

Can I Start Again Please

Performed simultaneously in spoken English and Sign Language (British/French/American/Canadian/Australian/New Zealand) by two female performers.

Two languages spar across the spoken and the unspoken to unpick Wittgenstein's famous statement 'whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent' to explore the capacity of language to represent childhood sexual violence.

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  • Duration: 60 minutes

  • Number of people on the road: 3/4

  • Freight details: Light freight necessary

  • Technical: Pre-rig necessary/4-hour get-in

  • Contact: Sue MacLaine and/or Jane McMorrow


Still Life

This solo show is both a performance and a life-drawing class.

Audience are welcomed into an art studio or gallery space to meet and draw Henrietta Moraes; model and muse for Francis Bacon & Lucian Freud.

Henrietta, with characteristic wit and candour, tells stories from her life and re-creates poses from her illustrious career.

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  • Duration: 60 minutes

  • Number of people on the road: 2

  • Freight details: No freight

  • Technical: None required

  • Contact: Sue MacLaine and/or Jane McMorrow