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About me

I am a UK theatre-maker, writer, performer & director interested in creating performance that is challenging and compassionate in equal measure.

Choreography and choreographic practice play a huge role in my work, which is inventive in form, full of poetry and wit.  I am particularly interested in interrogating and challenging notions of 'access' and 'accessible performance' by drawing on and re-interpreting functional forms of accessibility to build, stretch and enrich my performance practice.

I am now turning my thoughts to a new work entitled 'vessel' that has been co-commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre and The Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts with support from the University of Manchester and The Place. The show will open in October 2018.

The research & development from January - April 2017 has been funded from an Arts Council England grant and a bursary from the Pebble Trust. I wrote a short blog piece reflecting on how the bursary was spent.

I direct and provide dramaturgical support for other artists.

I work from my studio at the Phoenix Gallery Brighton and my bed at home.  I co produce each project with Executive director Jane McMorrow and general manager Mark Schofield.  The work of the company is funded by project grants and subsidised by my work as a sign language interpreter.

I am a qualified, registered and working British Sign Language/English interpreter specialising in rehearsal/performance interpreting.