I am a UK theatre artist based in Brighton and the starting process for all work is script written by me.

I work with an informal ensemble of collaborators, to help bring the piece to fruition

Themes and ideas are generated from a personal psychic dissonance provoking a curiosity to find the public resonance.  A period of research will follow during which I "read above and around" the subject matter.  In this way the philosophical underpinning of the work is developed alongside character and form.  The form of the work will defined by the content and so each of my works are very different, all however are warm and compassionate while also being bleakly funny.

In 2011 I achieved a meritorious MA in Life Story and Life Writing at the University of Sussex.  These studies continue to influence and inform my work and I am currently contemplating a PHD research question.

Creating a performance is about inviting what scares me to introduce itself and hang out for a while.  It is about exorcising demons but also treating them with compassion along the way.  In that I follow the advice of Tibetan yogini Machig Labdron; 

"Approach what you find repulsive.....and go to the places that scare you"

'Still Life: An Audience with Henrietta Moraes' will be performed at PULSE Festival on June 7th and  I am currently seeking further bookings for the work.

I have a creative partnership with writer, singer and performer Emma Kilbey with whom I have co-created the show 'Sid & Valerie' and the 'Sid Lester Christmas/Village/Summertime Special'.  We will be attending the National Rural Touring Forum in July to garner interest in our idea to undertake a rural tour which would engage local amateur performers to be part of the bill.

'Can I Start Again Please' in collaboration with Charlotte Vincent was shortlisted for a Jerwood Choreographic Research Award unfortunately we were unsuccessful in our bid. The project will be moving forward this year when I attend an Ideas Lab week-long workshop at The Point in Eastleigh with Liz Lerman and Ruth Little.

I am currently working with dancer and choreographer Janine Fletcher as director for her first solo show to be premiered at Oval House in September 2014.  The project has received funding from Arts Council England.  I am also working as dramaturg with dancer Theo Clinkard on his new piece.  

In addition to my performance work I am currently a member of the National Writers group at the Royal Court Theatre London and am completing the second draft of a new play for submission entitled 'Gentle Angry Women

I am a qualified, registered and working British Sign Language/English interpreter specialising in performance interpreting.  Please click on Interpreter in the header bar to see upcoming dates for interpreted performances.

[photo credit - Andy Wood on behalf of Vincent Dance Theatre] 


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