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Vessel unpicks historical and contemporary ideas of activism to ask how we define a political act. It is a direct descendant of Can I Start Again Please, as it contemplates how both world history and personal history hold us, asking what does a 'stable' life look like.

In a world of protests, political incompetence and incomprehension, the poetic will layer contrasting voices, and silences, of four women. Through battles with the demands of modern living from the personal to the political, vessel imagines a life where withdrawing from the world is considered a radical act of political activism.

Vessel will be performed by a diverse cast of four women - Karlina Grace-Paseda, Julie Cleves, Angela Clerkin and Kailing Fu. The performance uses creative captioning throughout, designed by digital artist Giles Thacker, and will bring together lighting and set designer Ben Pacey, choreographer Seke Chimutengwende and sound designer Owen Crouch.

The Cast

Kailing Fu originally trained at the university of singapore and then completed an MA in Performance Making at Goldsmiths London. To vessel she brings her expertise in physical performance, in particular Butoh having trained with Yoshito Ohno in Japan and Marie-Gabrielle Roti here in the UK.

Angela Clerkin is an actor, writer and theatre maker with an exemplary and extensive c.v. having worked with many fantastic people and theatre companies including: Rose English, Neil Bartlett, Bryony Lavery, Julia Bardsley, Katie Mitchell, Improbable, Chris Goode & Co, Shunt, Coney and many more. To vessel she brings her expertise in being “the most ghastly and the most funny”

Julie Cleves is a London-based performance and dance artist. Julie initially studied BA (Hons) Fine Art and MA Art and Design in Leeds. Increasing her physical practice and training, Julie was part of CandoCo Dance Company’s Dance Foundation course (2006/7) and has since worked with a number of dance and theatre companies nationally and internationally including Graeae (London), Mark Brew (Scotland), Scottish Dance Theatre and SPINN (Sweden). To vessel she brings her curiousity (developed through her collaboration with Robbie Synge) into the possibilities of accessing otherwise inaccessible spaces and places through uniquely designed objects and collaborative choreographic actions.

Karlina Grace-Paseda is a dancer and actor. To vessel she brings expertise in engaging with politically vested contemporary new writing having performed in plays such as Custody by Urban Wolfand Tom Wainwright and The Yard by Matthew Turner

For any press enquiries about the UK tour of vessel, please contact Rosie Bauer at Mobius Industries PR on or call the office on 020 3195 62 69.


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