Sid will be re-launched

Had a great two days working with Gary Sefton as he provided an outside eye for Sid.  I was apprehensive before we started but his acuity, comic understanding and generosity made it very easy.  I feel supported by the work we did and I learnt more about Sid and about the play.  It is a fascinating experience to interrogate, as a performer, ones own script.  Janine (Fletcher) has as always been amazing as we choreographed a new dance and re-choreographed an existing one.  I look at her in the rehearsal space (thanks to Nightingale Theatre) her feet flying and her brain whirring and I wonder that less than two years ago I ddin't know her and now she is one of my closest collaborators and friend.

Sean Phillips is doing sterling and ever-so patient work with me on the lighting design and technical aspects of the piece.  Although not a high-tech show, there are very precise demands and Sean is helping me understand those.  The script keeps changing, not much, but enough to demand resevoirs of patience. 

I have been lucky enough to have Lucy Bradridge working on the stage design; inventive, sensitive, clever and funny.  Exactly what is needed.

So this time next week it will all be over; Sid will be re-launched, I may or may not be hung-over, my shins and knees will ache with so much tapping and I will give myself a day to recover and then get on to the other things in my life that need attention.

Sue MacLaine2010Comment