Lovely things

The preparation for Still Life continues apace; creatively I now have my eye in on the form of the piece and a control of what it is I want to say.  The challenge, it seems to me, when working with a real life is find a way to push along the narrative without too much clunky exposition; allowing the story and themes to emerge and merge.  Also to find a way that allows the arc of a life to be represented and respected without having to stick rigidly to the actual chronology

Found out this week that I will be on Woman's Hour on May 4th, a studio chat with Maggi Hambling (lover of Henrietta and the last artist to draw her) and Jenni Murray.  I am really delighted and excited about this as it will raise the profile of the show.

My other lovely thing is to be asked to take part in an R&D week with Vincent Dance Theatre.  This will take place at The Point in Eastleigh in the last week of July.  I am really looking forward to contributing to another practitioner's creative vision.

I am writing this on my little notebook computer as my main computer has decided to die on me.  It may be resuscitated by a man called Steve this afternoon.  I live in hope for that and am trying not to get too panicked.

I have been talking to my friend and collaborator Janine (Fletcher) from the Two Wrongies about their going to Edinburgh this August.  Most of the conversations are about the economics of such a venture and how to manage not only the budget but also the fear of taking such a huge financial risk.  I wish it wasn't like this.  It doesn't seem like the way it should be.

Finally I send out love and good wishes to all the other artists, who like me, are beetling away at their creative industry.