Edinburgh 2012 (2)

My friend and fellow writer Stephen Clark has been visiting for the last couple of days. He read very early drafts of Still Life and helped me launch the show last year.  He hasn't seen it since then but watched last night.  Afterwards we came back to the flat and stared in wonder at the telly both rising to our feet as Mo Farah surged towards the finishing line.  All the gold medals were great but I have a particular soft spot for Mo.  Stephen and I talked on and off about the show.  I am trying to minimise the amount of time I allow myself to be neurotic; worrying about reviews, worrying about audience reaction, worrying about getting an audience!  There have been reviews, both positive, one particularly good. Acute, intelligent writing that demonstrated an understanding of the piece by Mark Fisher for Scotland on Sunday. That, and a piece in the Observer by Tom Lamont have given wonderful coverage but that hasn't yet translated into rising audience figures.  Maybe I will win a prize for having the most reviewed but least seen show!