Response to Simon Jenkins bullshit article about Pistorius

To counteract the bullshit article by Simon Jenkins in today's Guardian..who states amongst other ludicrous points that Pistorius's 'life has been ruined' (the justification for saying he shouldnt be sent to jail for killing Reeva Steenkamp). Pistorius will be released before his 5 year sentence is up, he will already be in talks about the book he will write and will probably be a commentator for the 2020 Olympics...the idea that HIS life is ruined is utter bullshit. Violence against women is a pandemic and we have almost zero protection under the law.  
We are easy pickings for any man with a bad temper, a grudge, a misogynistic attitude, a alcohol problem, a drug problem, a gun, a belt, a fist, a boot, a hand to pull hair or cover a mouth, a body to weigh down upon woman, a cock to insert wherever he pleases, a group of mates to impress, a stash of pornography, a sense of entitlement, a failing career, a loss of identity. A man whose football team has lost, whose girlfriend or wife or daughter didn't move fast enough, didn't do exactly what he wanted at the moment he wanted it, a man who knows he can get away with it, who will be applauded for it, slapped on the back for it, rewarded for it, congratulated for it, be allowed to repeat the behaviour again and again. Women are easy pickings and we better start thinking clever and working out ways to defend ourselves because the law is certainly not on our side.

Sue MacLaine2014Comment